La Torche Genève, app satirique de proximité

Humour suisse

Cartoons about politics and life in Canton de Jura sent through a mobile phone app, this is what La Torche 2.0 project is about. Genevan people could also get three cartoons a week if la Torche Genève raises the attention of 500 of them. A contest is currently running… The media will be independent and free for a couple of weeks and then only 60 francs a year.

5 avril 2018

Thomas Wiesel, une langue de sniper

Humour suisse

Thomas Wiesel is a stand-up comedian from canton de Vaud. After appearing on French and Swiss media, he just started his own TV-show on Swiss public channel RTS : Mauvaise langue (spiteful tongue). The boy loves to make fun of politics and clearly is the flagship of Swiss humour new generation.

27 février 2018