Getting to know Geneva through web articles is a good start, for sure! However, you might want to go deeper into the City – by speaking French.

As former expats, we know the feeling… and we know the way to help you through it. Take one step closer to Calvin, by mingling with natives and francophones. French in Geneva may not be compulsory, it just adds much more flavours !

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What will happen if you contact us ? First, we will see what you are looking for :

  • a private French class ?
  • a language exchange group ?
  • tips to meet great people ?

Then, we will suggest ideas, for free.

Genève Les Portes Club’s aim is to help you. If you want a great teacher living near your district, we give him or her your name so you can discuss. We know their skills, we check their backrounds, so you can rely on them to move forward with your French level.

You also can join the GLP Club group page « Life in Geneva and en français« , on Facebook  – it’s also free and you can meet people doing local crowd things. Come and try !

We can help you to connect with the local crowd and French teachers. 

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Vous enseignez le français langue étrangère dans la région de Genève (Grand Genève et France voisine ou bien Nyon et la Côte). Contactez-nous !

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